The Smart Cold Chain

Increase Efficiency, Productivity, and Profitability.


Cold Chain Challenges

Loss of Coolers

CPG companies lose between 7 to 30% of their branded fridges, freezers and coolers yearly. Assets are typically lost at the point of sales when the outlets are closed down, relocated, the cooler goes defective and is wheeled out, stolen, or stripped down for spare parts.

Decreasing Asset ROI

The loss of coolers does not support sales. Without inventory transparency or assortment optimization, stock-outs occur that lead to revenue losses estimated up to 15% of SKU’s.

Regulatory Compliance

Biomedicine such as vaccines must be stored between 2 to 8 degrees C. Regulation requires manufacturers, pharmacies and hospitals to monitor and audit cold storage of their biomedicine stock in stock and during transportation. Pharmacies risk forced closure if EU or FCC compliance is breached multiple times.

Quality Assurance

Malfunctioning or defective coolers do not provide optimal product experience. Ice cream loses its texture and taste. Biopmedicine lose its medicinal effect. Agricultural produce, dairy, meat, fish and perishables such as florals go to waste or culture bacteria that cause sickness and product recalls.


Each industry and sector have unique cold-chain productivity requirements, budget constraints, ROI expectations and usage scenario’s

Track & Trace

Monitor real time coolers at every point of sales. Integrate the data into your ERP, and access status and location data with any mobile device. Track your coolers even when they are unplugged.


Determine the inventory level of in-store coolers and replenish with the right assortment based on weather forecasts, seasonality and the geo-popularity of the location.

Increase cooler ROI

Optimize cooler locations. Measure and predict sales velocity. Reduce cooler management and (re)deployment costs.

Improve Brand Experience

The right product stored under optimal conditions delivers the intended brand and customer experience.

Manage risk

Monitor and report on your stock of biopharmaceuticals according to regulatory requirements. Learn immediately when coolers become inactive, or temparature storage limits were breached.

Stop spoilage

Connect and reclaim control of cold storage space and keep produce fresh for consumption.


A single, modular cold chain management platform offering bespoke solutions for CPG, Biopharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage Industries
Pick, choose and combine any sensor
Choose one or multiple connectivity modality
Scale to handle deployments of 100K+ coolers
Flexible, adaptable and re-usable applications and services
EC and FCC device certification
Fit to budget and ROI expectations

Smart devices

One modular device that fits any refrigeration or cooler unit. CE approved & TÜV certified, the device can operate on battery, AC/DC, and provides various communication protocols (GSM, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth).


Connect a combination of sensors and measure temperature, humidity, voltage, movement, acceleration, location, light (…). They can be connected by cable, or spread over a large area and linked wirelessly through a custom RF protocol.

Cloud Applications

An event-driven architecture consolidates measurements near real-time for reporting purposes, analysis and decision support. The platform fits your existing cloud architectures and infrastructure.


Near real-time sensor measurements enable customized reporting, alerts and predictive analytics that increase the efficiency and .productivity of your coolers and their contents.

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RebusLabs makes real assets smart, so organizations become more efficient and productive.
Founded in 2015 by a team of technologists, we worked on the development of an IoT platform of smart devices that accommodate any set or combination of sensors to capture data, and cloud applications to process data and automate decision making.
Headquartered in Bern, Switzerland; Rebus Labs is engaged in multiple projects with renowned Swiss Multinationals to improve their cold chain efficiencies.

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