What is that?
Synapse is the suite of applications that collect measurement data for Modus and Locus smart devices. The applications reside on the Internet and can be accessed through the web browser on a computer, smartphone or tablet. It is a portal that contains a set of bespoke applications for each Locus customer. The applications are customized to the range of sensors that can be fitted into Locus in order the collect and process the measurements they provide.

Tailor-made solution

Synapse follows the same “co-creation” philosophy behind the engineering of Locus. This allows companies to select and customize the administration features they require to manage cold chain and refrigeration units to the usage specifications they put forward. Furthermore, Synapse can generate customized reports, statistics, and specific usage information compiled through analytics. The latter algorithm can, for instance, allow companies to verify the content of fridges, or if supply contracts tied to the fridge delivery are respected by their clients.