What is Locus?

FMCG companies provide branded fridges to grocery stores and trade venues to store the beverage, dairy products or ice creams they sell and market to consumers. Locus helps these companies track, protect and increase the productivity of its investments in branded fridges. Locus is a product for companies with a significant installed base of cooling cabinets, and who each need a bespoke set of sensors that fit their specific requirements.

What Does Locus Do?

  • Locus is a smart device that can be installed into in-store cooling cabinets used by FMCG companies.

  • The product consists of a modular core of electronics that connects to a broad variety of sensors that monitor the cooling cabinet, and subsequently send measurements to a cloud based data repository.

  • Locus can even be your trade marketing in-store tracking tool. A set of customised applications allows the company not only to receive customizable alerts, to schedule maintenance, and to conduct analytics but also to engage with shoppers and consumers in a novel and innovative manner.

Watch the video to learn more: