For pharmacists to protect the valuable contents of their refrigerator in an easy and reliable manner.
For FMCG companies to cut costs, protect, and increase the productivity of their in-store refrigerators.
Manage Locus and Modus through any web browser on any device.

  • Smart Solutions
    Rebuslabs started out with the vision to build smart connected systems that make a business or organization more productive. Such system consists of smart devices, or hardware that transmits measurements gathered through sensors to one single internet based repository. This data can then be used for reporting purposes, decision analytics or to improve employee, partner and customer engagement.
  • Co-Creation
    Our existing first generation products represent a total end-to-end solution, and offer the customization options build in from the start. The engineering philosophy behind this vision led us to design and engineer modular device and scalable software. This allows our devices to accommodate a variety of sensors or measurements specific to the problem a company or customer needs to tackle. This flexibility makes the solution fit the ROI requirements put forward by companies deploying the devices.
  • Intelligent Management
    An easy to use application allows companies access to the data gathered by their smart devices. This application monitors the refrigeration units and cold chains through an intuitive interface accessible through any web browser. It was engineered to be modular and extendable so we can custom tailor the interface and functionality to any business requirement.

We Provide Solutions for

  • Retail
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Data Centers

About Us

Rebuslabs is a Swiss IoT start-up company. The company is a recipient of various government grants from Turkey. Its vision aims to offer “IoT as a service”, where its customers can co-create a platform consisting of smart devices, cloud infrastructure and software applications. The problem Rebuslabs tackles allows its customers to track, protect and increase productivity of fixed assets. Today the company sells 2 products that make cold chain refrigerators “smart”. One allows pharmacies and laboratories to monitor and manage cold cabinets containing temperature sensitive substances; another enables FMCG companies to track and monitor in-store refrigerators. Rebuslabs has R&D capability in RF and power electronics, cloud infrastructure and application engineering.